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Help Congress Understand EMS! Attend EMS On The Hill Day & Briefing, April 24-25; View New Guide

Feb 02, 2017

Congress Passes Legislation That Impacts EMS...
Help Congress Understand EMS!

Members of Congress - whether Democrats, Republicans or Independents - must understand EMS to create legislation that supports our profession and improves patient care.

Why does that matter? Educating elected officials and those who work for them about EMS is the only way to ensure that legislation passed benefits our workforce and our patients.
Attend EMS On The Hill Day on April 25 (briefing on April 24)

EMS On The Hill Day participants receive:EMS On The Hill Day Welcome Guide

  • An insider’s view of the legislative process, Congressional offices and Capitol Hill.
  • The experience of joining forces with EMS colleagues who care deeply about EMS and its future
  • The opportunity to have your voice heard by lawmakers.

The progress made by participants is among the reasons why we’ve had some big victories recently, including the enactment of the Veteran EMT Act of 2016 and significant forward momentum on the Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act.

But there’s a great saying by J.J. Watt, the NFL football defensive end: “Success isn’t owned. It’s leased, and rent is due everyday.” For us, that means that we must continue to be that vocal and passionate force on Capitol Hill every year. We have to demonstrate our unity as a profession and our commitment to advocating for policies and resources that will allow EMS practitioners to take care of themselves and those who are sick or injured. JOIN US FOR EMS ON THE HILL DAY! Register today!