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International Board of Specialty Certification Expands Board To Include Member Organizations

Feb 20, 2017

The International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) announces the expansion of the membership of the board of directors to include leaders from across the EMS community as representative of member organization onto the IBSC Board of Directors.  The inclusion of these voices will help to fulfill the crucial role of expertise and collaboration needed to ensure a single standard of specialty certification in unique areas of EMS.

Earlier in 2016, the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) went through a transformation to become the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC).  This change was to better meet the objective of providing a wider range of services and certifications to a broader audience beyond the focus of medical transport and tactical paramedicine while maintaining the original mission of the BCCTPC.  The change also allowed for revision of the bylaws to create specific seats to increase the involvement by peer organizations from the EMS community. 

A primary responsibility of board directors is to participate in the development of Board policy and major decision-making related to examination development and delivery, promotion of certification and continued growth of the IBSC examinations. Member organization representatives will be asked to hold a three-year board position representing their organization and help drive the mission of the IBSC.

The following individuals are joining the Board representing their organizations:

  • Ms. Stacy Fiscus - International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics (IAFCCP).
  • Ms. Rebecca Brock - National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE).
  • Mr. Chad McIntyre -  National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT).
  • Mr. Sean Caffrey - National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA).
  • Mr. Pierre Poirier - Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC).
  • Mr. Gerry Schriemer - Paramedic Chiefs of Canada (PCC).
  • Mr. Gary Wingrove - The Paramedic Foundation (TPF).

“We are excited to have these outstanding individuals join the IBSC Board.  The people selected and the organizations they represent embody the best the EMS community has to offer and bring an enormous pool of talent, expertise and energy to the table. We look forward to the long-term partnerships that will strengthen Board certification across the globe.” said Graham Pierce, Chairman of the IBSC Board of Directors.

About the International Board of Specialty Certification:

The International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC) is the evolution of the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC). Our Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C®), Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C®) Certified Tactical Paramedic (TP-C®), Certified Tactical Responder (TR-C®) and Certified Community Paramedic (CP-C®) examinations are well established and have become a recognized standard for clinical competency by medical providers in the United States, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

The International Board of Specialty Certification is a not for profit corporation with the mission of developing, implementing and maintaining specialty certification exams to measure the attainment and application of a defined body of knowledge in specific roles.  For more information, call 770-978-4400 or email at