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OnStar To Provide Crisis Assist Service for 30 Days To OnStar-Equipped Vehicles Responding to Hurricane Harvey

Sep 01, 2017

Dear National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians,
We at OnStar offer our continued support as your organization provides critical assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.   We recognize that many emergency personnel and volunteers are driving OnStar-equipped vehicles as they provide this assistance.  As a show of our support – and to equip these first responders and volunteers with all the valuable tools OnStar has to offer, we are providing the thirty days of our Crisis Assist service, which includes emergency services, phone and guidance services and 4G LTE Wi-Fi service (provided by AT&T) for up to 7 handheld devices – for properly equipped MY15 and newer GM vehicles.*
By simply pressing the blue OnStar button, first responders and volunteers will be connected to advisors who can set up and provide temporary no-charge access to the Hurricane Harvey Data Plan package.
We would appreciate your assistance with disseminating the details of this offer to your organization’s/association’s members, if possible. We sincerely hope this show of support to the emergency response and volunteer community will be perceive as we intend – as a gesture of good will to help your heroes as they assist those affected by the impacts of the Hurricane Harvey.
Cathy Bishop
Global Emergency Services Senior Manager, OnStar
*“Services and connectivity may vary by model and conditions. Service is limited and subject to terms. See for more details”