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REPLICA Commission Officially Assembles, Elects Officers

Oct 11, 2017

REPLICAThe 12 member states of the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) assembled as the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice for the first time in the history of the nation’s EMS system. REPLICA’s model legislation creates a formal pathway for the licensed individual to provide pre-hospital care across state lines under authorized circumstances. Representatives from member states Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming were in attendance.

The Interstate Commission met to elect officers, adopt bylaws and conduct its first public hearing on rulemaking. The slate of officers and one member-at-large were elected as follows: Chairmen Joe Schimder (Texas), Vice Chairman Jeanne-Marie Bakehouse (Colorado), Treasurer Stephen Wilson (Alabama), Secretary Andy Geinapp (Wyoming), and Member-at-Large Donna G. Tidwell (Tennessee). “The Compact is an essential step forward in providing our nation’s EMS personnel and the members of the public with the highest levels of protection and accountability when crossing state borders in the line of assigned duties,” stated Chairman Schimder to the group immediately after his election. “During the next year, the Commission will focus on developing a plan to sustain and support basic administrative activities, assemble standing committees and advise in the development of the national coordinated database.”

The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice is planning its next in-person meeting for February 2018, in Nashville, Tennessee. All meetings are open to the public. Meeting and public hearing notices will be made available on

For more information contact Sue Prentiss, advocate for REPLICA, at (603) 381-9195 or by email at