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National Events Seek to Strengthen Communities Through Life-saving Training and Quality Mobile Care Services

Mar 20, 2018

NAEMT is proud to host and promote national events to strengthen the health of communities through training, innovative services, and increased congressional support of quality care initiatives. These national events, while distinct, have the shared goal to provide high-quality care to patients whenever they are in need, 24/7 in all communities across our nation. NAEMT invites our nation’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) practitioners and professionals to participate in these events that will help advance the care provided to their communities:

National Stop The Bleed Day – March 31
NAEMT instructors and other Bleeding Control (B-CON) instructors will train members of their community in techniques to control bleeding following an accident or incident until an EMS team arrives. NAEMT partners with the American Colleges of Surgeons in this initiative and the broader Stop The Bleed awareness campaign directed by the White House. Learn more:

EMS 3.0 Transformation Summit – April 10
EMS innovators from around the country will share their practical insights on how EMS agencies can successfully expand services to meet the growing need for emergent, urgent and preventive healthcare services in their communities. Learn more:

EMS On The Hill Day – April 11
EMS professionals from all corners of our nation will travel to Capitol Hill to ask members of Congress to take action on important EMS issues that impact the health of our communities. Through face-to-face meetings coordinated by NAEMT, EMS advocates will meet with their House and Senate leaders and legislative aides to educate them on the needs of patients in their communities and the vital role of EMS in meeting these needs. This year, support will be sought for legislation that shields healthcare professionals from liability when volunteering their services during disasters; legislation that seeks reimbursement for emergency ambulance services of a critically injured military veteran; and legislation to improve the needs of EMS in the rural areas of our country. Learn more:

National EMS Week – May 20-26
Life-saving training events will be held in communities across the country during National EMS Week. Held annually since 1974, National EMS Week unites EMS professionals from all delivery models, including hospital, fire, air medical, private, and community-based, for a week-long celebration of the profession and the valuable service it provides. Learn more:

“Strengthening our communities by empowering them with training to sustain – and save – lives is what EMS practitioners do year-round,” said Dennis Rowe, President of NAEMT. “Teaching the public proper techniques for bleeding control, CPR, resuscitation, and how to spot the warning signs of stroke, concussion, and other time-sensitive illnesses is often done on their own time and at their own expense to ensure a greater chance of survival and less debilitation for all patients. From mass casualty incidents to an accident on a playground, we, as members of a community, all benefit from training that helps sustain patients until EMS practitioners arrive. Recognizing the essential role of EMS in training our communities and responding to patients in their time of need cannot be overstated.”