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TMF and NAEMT Partner to Release MIH-CP Learning and Action Network

Nov 27, 2018

TMF and NAEMT Partner to Release MIH-CP Learning and Action Network

TMF and NAEMT Partner to Release MIH-CP Learning and Action Network
Austin, Texas – TMF Health Quality Institute in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) announces the release of an online learning and collaboration platform aimed at increasing awareness and improving the efficiency of Mobile Integrated Healthcare–Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) programs.
MIH-CP is an innovative health care delivery strategy that uses experienced EMTs, paramedics and nurses in non-traditional roles, aimed at improving a patient’s care experiences, improving the health of the population at large, and reducing the per capita cost of health care. MIH-CP practitioners use their skills and experience to provide high quality care in preventive roles, maximizing the use of available health care and community resources.
The web-based MIH-CP Learning and Action Network (LAN) features several components, including data analytics support for MIH-CP programs, a knowledge network, several educational offerings such as monthly webinars focused on a variety of MIH-CP audiences, discussion boards and MIH-CP Program Profiles. The LAN at will soon also feature a searchable database of existing U.S.-based MIH-CP programs, affinity groups and a Help Desk, which will give MIH-CP stakeholders a resource to request assistance with program development and facilitation questions.
“Having started my medical career as an EMT, I’ve seen and understand the tremendous value that community paramedicine and mobile integrated health care can deliver to our patients and communities,” said Dr. Russell Kohl, TMF chief medical officer. “Expanding the integration of EMTs, paramedics and nurses into the ongoing care of our community is a common sense approach in improving health and the quality of health care for all Americans. TMF is excited and anxious to help move this community health effort forward through this comprehensive learning and program-development website.”

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