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PCRF Journal Club Today - Is EMS Medical Clearance of Psychiatric Patients Safe?

Dec 10, 2018

EMS World Podcast

PCRF Journal Club - Monday, December 10th at 12:00 PM (CST)

Hosted by the Prehospital Care Research Forum (PCRF) and sponsored by Fisdap, the PCRF Journal Club is a live podcast series featuring round-table discussions of new EMS research.

Join us as we discuss:

Emergency Medical Services Use Among Patients Receiving Involuntary Psychiatric Holds and the Safety of an Out-of-Hospital Screening Protocol to "Medically Clear" Psychiatric Emergencies in the Field, 2011 to 2016 Tarak K. Trivedi, MD; Melody Glenn, MD; Gene Hern, MD, MS; David L. Schriger, MD, MPH; Karl A. Sporer, MD

EMS approach and care for mental health-related emergencies has never been under more scrutiny. Join us as the study authors and our PCRF research team discuss the safety of EMS crews diverting psychiatric patients on involuntary police holds to stand alone psychiatric care centers. This five-year retrospective study with Alameda County ePCR data may surprise you. Not only were 24% of all EMS encounters in Alameda County attributable to “involuntary hold patients,” but there were also 1,072 (4.1%) patients with greater than 20 encounters during the study period. Would EMS diversion improve patient experience and reduce burden on EDs?

Please join members of the Prehospital Care Research Forum and others in discussing this topic.

Invite your students!

Pass this invitation along to your class to get them interested in EMS research. Consider broadcasting the webinar over the projector in your classroom for multiple viewers.