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Represent Your Community on Capitol Hill -- Attend EMS On The Hill Day, April 9-10

Jan 09, 2019

EMS is on the Frontlines of Patient Care

Help Continue The Wins For EMS On Capitol Hill

Dear Colleagues,

EMS wins on Capitol Hill have positively impacted our profession, our patients, and our communities. National EMS advocacy brings nationwide change and supports advocacy efforts at the state and local levels. Recent EMS wins on Capitol Hill include passage of:

  • The SIREN Act to provide grants for hiring, training and equipment for rural EMS.
  • The Stop, Observe, Ask and Respond (SOAR) toHealth and Wellness Actto provide grants for first responder training to combat human trafficking.
  • The National Emergency Medical Services Commemorative Work Act to pay tribute to our fallen.
  • A 5-year extension for Medicare ambulance add-on payments.
  • The Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) Cap Adjustment Priority Act to increase the cap on length of service awards for volunteer first responders.
And, the the House EMS Caucus was increased to 49 members for bipartisan focus on EMS issues.

We can do more this year with your help! Please ensure that your community and the needs of your patients are represented at EMS On The Hill Day on April 10 (briefing April 9). EMS On The Hill Day is open to all EMS professionals – NAEMT membership is not required.

The registration fee is $20 and NAEMT schedules all congressional visits. A briefing on the the issues will be conducted on April 9th at 5 p.m. Read this guide for more details on the event.

EMS On The Hill Day
April 9-10, 2019
Arlington, VA