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New Guide to Building an Effective EMS Wellness and Resilience Program

Jan 18, 2019

NAEMT EMS Wellness and Resilience GuideThe greatest asset of any EMS agency is its people.In recent years, there’s been growing concern within the EMS profession about the physical, mental and emotional health of our nation’s EMS workforce – and whether EMS agencies are doing enough to protect it.This concern is shared by EMS agencies across the globe.

NAEMT has developed a guide to assist EMS agencies in developing programs that aid EMS personnel in maintaining their physical, mental and emotional well-being. The guide offers:

  • Steps agencies can take to develop a culture of wellness and resilience;
  • Strategies for building EMS practitioner resilience;
  • Suggestions for specific programs and initiatives to support a healthy EMS workforce;
  • Tips from EMS agencies on the wellness and resilience initiatives that have worked for them; and
  • Ideas for engaging community partners and stakeholders in supporting agency wellness and resilience programs.

Please download and distribute the guide to your EMS network to support our workforce and communities and advance the EMS profession.

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