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NIOSH Behind the Wheel at Work / March 2019

Mar 22, 2019

Road Safety Leadership

Here are 6 things we're sharing with readers in this issue:

  1. Everyone can be a leader in motor vehicle safety at work. Learn best practices related to management commitment and driver engagement.

  2. Get a quick tip about what to do before making a big policy change.

  3. "I’ve found that making contact with a driver within 24 hours of a hard-braking event to find out why it happened has led drivers to perceive me as empathetic, caring, and wanting to learn, not punish. At that point, I’ve not only gained the insight I desired, but I’ve also positively engaged my driver, built trust between the two of us, and left that driver knowing that I truly care about his or her safety.” – Shell’s Brian Sambirsky on his advice for road safety professionals to become more effective leaders.

  4. Law enforcement leadership can help drivers take ownership of their safety using the Officer Road Code Toolkit.

  5. Mark your calendar for these upcoming road safety observances.

  6. View a recent video about components of a good road safety program.

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