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NAEMT Member Spotlight: Ed Landsberg, Brendan Elliott of Ellington Volunteer Ambulance

Aug 16, 2019

We are proud of our NAEMT members and the important service they provide to communities. It is our honor to highlight them. "Member Spotlight" is a feature of NAEMT News, a quarterly newsletter created especially for our members. We are pleased to share it with you.

One of the best things about EMS is the people you meet. That’s true for Brendan Elliott and Ed Landsberg, who often ride side-by-side as partners for Ellington Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Ellington, Connecticut. Brendan is a 19-year-old EMT, college student and the NAEMT Advocacy Coordinator for Connecticut. Ed, 62, became an EMT a couple of years ago after raising a family and spending four decades working in the printing business.

On the face of it, the younger and the older man didn’t have much in common, other than a commitment to community service and an appreciation for EMS. But through shared experiences, challenges and successes while answering calls for help, they forged a deep bond and a lasting friendship. Ed and Brendan discussed what drew them to EMS, why they volunteer, how their intergenerational friendship has enriched both of their lives – and how baby Boomers and Gen Z can learn to understand one another.