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Announcing New NAEMT Member Benefits!

Sep 15, 2019

NAEMT is pleased to offer the following new benefits to NAEMT members:
25% discount on First Responder Support & Resilience
1.5 hour online learning experience offers interactive simulations for you to practice talking with other first responders who are going through challenging times. The five simulations cover: Post-traumatic stress (PTS); Major depression; Substance abuse; Mental health stigma reduction; and Seeking help.
First Responder Support and Resilience
Price with discount: $35.96
Access Your Benefit
25% discount on Rescue D: Meeting the Needs of Patients with Disabilities
Developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this 4-hour online simulation-based course offers a virtual post-disaster world where you can practice your response skills for people with disabilities to ensure you are prepared to treat all populations when disaster strikes. Includes 20 unique training and rescue mission modules that challenge first responders to observe, assess, respond and verify success based on the character’s functional and/or access needs. Participants receive 4 hours of CAPCE credit.

Rescue D

Price with discount:$18.75.