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National EMS Memorial Foundation Commitment, Service, and Sacrifice Challenge

May 21, 2020

Despite the COVID-19 crisis postponing Site Selection regulatory hearings for the National EMS Memorial, the National EMS Memorial Foundation continues to make progress. Under its authorization within P.L. 115-275, the National EMS Memorial Foundation will establish the National EMS Memorial in Washington, DC, recognizing the Commitment, Service and Sacrifice of our nation’s EMS providers. View press release

The National EMS Memorial Foundation also announces the Commitment, Service, and Sacrifice challenge, a nationwide look at what drives EMS workers to be the first line of defense. Participants in the challenge simply go onto their social media platforms and post what “Commitment, Service, & Sacrifice” mean to them. They tag @emsmemorial and use the hashtags #commitmentservicesacrifice #emscss #emsmemorial. We’re creating a gallery of the images and words that motivate the people of the EMS to keep serving so “that others may live.”  This Gallery will also serve as inspiration for the embodiment of those ideals in the physical structure for the EMS Memorial. View flyer