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FEMA Releases Updates to the NIMS Implementation Objectives

Apr 27, 2021


FEMA released the updated version of the Second Edition of the NIMS Implementation Objectives for Federal Departments and Agencies. The updates reflect the feedback provided by the whole community stakeholders in 2020.

The updates ensure the objectives are consistent with the Third Edition of the National Incident Management System, published in October 2017. The Third Edition of NIMS retains the concepts and principles from the 2008 and 2004 versions of NIMS, while reflecting changes to laws, policies, and best practices. Additionally, the Third Edition of NIMS provides additional information on the roles of off-scene incident personnel such as senior leaders and emergency operations center personnel. 

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5 (HSPD-5), Management of Domestic Incidents, requires all federal departments and agencies to formally adopt and maintain NIMS and use it in their individual domestic incident management activities, supporting full and robust preparedness across the nation. Since the release of HSPD-5, FEMA has engaged its Federal stakeholders to identify implementation objectives necessary to enhance incident management throughout Federal departments and agencies, including their sub-component organizations.

Federal departments and agencies play an important role in ensuring effective NIMS implementation; not only do they implement NIMS within their departments and agencies, they also ensure that the systems and processes are in place to communicate and support NIMS implementation at all jurisdictional levels.

FEMA has developed implementation indicators for each Implementation Objective. These indicators serve as actionable activities that jurisdictions can use to demonstrate NIMS implementation. The indicators are not requirements or criteria, nor are the indicators intended as a checklist for achieving the objectives. The indicators are a tool to assist Federal departments and agencies in meeting the new implementation objectives.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we will continue to make the nation more resilient.