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HRSA Releases Revised Reporting Requirements for Recipients of PRF Payments

Jun 14, 2021

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) released revised reporting requirements for recipients of Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments. The updates include expanding the amount of time providers will have to report information, reducing burdens for smaller providers, and extending key deadlines for expending PRF payments for recipients who received payments after June 30, 2020. The revised reporting requirements are applicable to providers who received one or more payments exceeding, in the aggregate, $10,000 during a single “payment received period” (the periods are outlined in the chart below) from the PRF General Distributions, Targeted Distributions, and/or the “Skilled Nursing Facility and Nursing Home Infection Control Distribution.” HHS began issuing notices on post-payment reporting requirements in July 2020. On January 15, 2021, HHS issued updated requirements to increase reporting flexibilities for providers, as codified by the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021, and opened registration for the reporting portal. Since then, HHS has carefully weighed the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic and its impact on health care providers and other stakeholders, which is reflected in the revised notice issued today. 

The revised reporting requirements supplanting the January 15th requirements can be found here. 

Key Updates:

  • The period of availability of funds is based on the date the payment is received (rather than requiring all payments be used by June 30, 2021, regardless of when they were received).
  • Recipients are required to report for each Payment Received Period in which they received one or more payments exceeding, in the aggregate, $10,000 (rather than $10,000 cumulatively across all PRF payments). 
  • Recipients will have a 90-day period to complete reporting (rather than a 30-day reporting period).
  • The reporting requirements are now applicable to recipients of the Skilled Nursing Facility and Nursing Home Infection Control Distributions in addition to General and other Targeted Distributions.
  • The PRF Reporting Portal will open for providers to start submitting information on July 1, 2021.

Summary of Reporting Requirements


Payment Received Period (Payments Exceeding $10,000 in Aggregate Received)

Deadline to Use Funds


Time Period

Period 1

From April 10, 2020 to June 30, 2020

June 30, 2021

July 1 to September 30, 2021

Period 2

From July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

December 31, 2021

January 1 to March 31, 2022

Period 3

From January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021

June 30, 2022

July 1 to September 30, 2022

Period 4

From July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

December 31, 2022

January 1 to March 31, 2023

Additional information on the PRF reporting updates can be found on the PRF Reporting WebpagePRF Reporting Portal User Guide, and Frequently Asked Questions. For more information, please call the Provider Support Line at (866) 569-3522; for TTY dial 711. Hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. HHS also plans to provide technical assistance for providers and will communicate directly with them.