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CMS Proposes Changes to Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System

Jul 19, 2022

CMS is proposing a series of changes to the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System.

First, we are proposing to update our regulations at § 414.626(d)(1) and (e)(2) to provide the necessary flexibility to specify how ground ambulance organizations should submit the hardship exemption requests and informal review requests, including to our web-based portal once that portal is operational.

Second, through review of questions and feedback that we received, we are proposing further changes and clarifications to the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection Instrument. The changes and clarifications aim to reduce burden on respondents, improve data quality, or both. We group our proposed changes and clarifications into four broad categories: editorial changes for clarity and consistency; updates to reflect the web-based system; clarifications responding to feedback from questions from interested parties and testing; and typos and technical corrections.

Lastly, we note that the CAA, 2022 delayed the deadline for MedPAC to submit its report to Congress on the ground ambulance data collection system study until June 15th, following the date the Secretary transmits data for the first representative sample of ground ambulance organizations. 

For a fact sheet on the CY 2023 Quality Payment Program proposed changes, please visit (clicking link downloads zip file):