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Announcing the New! NAEMT EMS Safety Officer Course

Oct 25, 2023

EMS Safety OfficerNAEMT is pleased to announce the availability of the new EMS Safety Officer course to assist EMS agencies in building and supporting the safety of their personnel.

An effective EMS safety program protects agency personnel, patients, and the agency. Mitigating fatigue, reducing the risk of collisions, promoting scene safety, ensuring infection control for both patients and practitioners, preventing violence against practitioners, maintaining practitioner clinical skills, minimizing patient errors, and injury and illness prevention are among the major issues that an EMS safety program can and should address. But there are many others, including facility safety and security, implementation of a just culture, and substance abuse prevention.

The online EMS Safety Officer Course prepares EMS personnel to serve as their agency’s EMS Safety Officer (ESO). In this role, the ESO will focus on keeping EMS personnel and patients safe through the development and implementation of the EMS agency’s safety program. 

The course covers:

  • The Role and Responsibilities of an ESO
  • Facility Safety and Security
  • Vehicle Operator Safety
  • Scene Safety and Crew Resource Management
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Patient Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Safety Training

The course includes a series of downloadable resources for participants to use to support their role as an ESO. Upon successful completion of the online course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and 5 hours of CAPCE-approved CE credit. 

This course is designed for EMS practitioners who meet the following qualifications:

  • at a minimum, current state certification or license as an EMT;
  • at least three years of full-time practice (or equivalent) at the EMT level or above;
  • strong interpersonal communication skills with an interest in serving in this position; and
  • familiarity with the agency’s current safety policies and procedures. 

This new course is now available through NAEMT’s publishing partner, the Public Safety Group of Jones & Bartlett Learning

We encourage all EMS agencies to ensure that one or more of their personnel complete this course to help support the agency’s safety program.