Advancing the EMS profession
EMS practitioners may encounter a patient with an infectious disease or respond to a pandemic during their career. The resources below have been posted to help EMS practitioners protect themselves and their patients against infectious disease and further spread.




Clinical Considerations for Monkeypox in Children and Adolescents
Considerations on clinical management of children and adolescents less than ages 18 years with exposure to monkeypox or concern for Monkeypox virus infection.
Resource  ASEP Monkeypox Field Guide  Information compiled by the American College of Emergency Physicians on the monkeypox disease. 
Interim Clinical Considerations for Management of Ocular Monkeypox Virus Infection  Interim considerations for the care of people with Monkeypox virus infection involving the eye(s), including considerations for symptomatic management. 


Identifying Monkeypox: An Update for EMS Professionals 

New Information on how to identify Monkeypox in clinical settings for EMS professionals.

U.S. Map & Case Count  Data on confirmed monkeypox/orthopoxvirus cases.
Monkeypox Outbreak Global Map  Data on global outbreak of the monkeypox/orthopoxvirus.
U.S. Monkeypox Case Trends Reported to CDC 
Trends of monkeypox cases reported to CDC since May 17, 2022, the start of the response to the current outbreak in the United States. 


NETEC Resource Library 

An online library offering Monkeypox resources.