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National Collegiate EMS Foundation Affiliates with NAEMT

Jun 15, 2010

NAEMT is pleased to announce that the National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) has agreed to affiliate with NAEMT.

Founded in 1993, NCEMSF is a nonprofit organization committed to scholarship, research and creating a safer, healthier environment on college campuses through the support, promotion and advocacy of campus-based emergency medical services. NCEMSF joins 31 other EMS associations across the country in affiliating with NAEMT.

Through its affiliate program, NAEMT is able to work collaboratively with other EMS associations to strengthen the EMS profession. Affiliation is a formal relationship between NAEMT and an EMS association that helps further the shared purpose and objectives of both NAEMT and the affiliate to address key issues that impact EMS practitioners. NAEMT also provides its affiliates with many valuable benefits.

"We are pleased that NCEMSF has chosen to affiliate with NAEMT," says NAEMT President Patrick Moore. "We look forward to collaborating with them, as we do with all our affiliates, to strengthen the EMS profession and collectively move forward our national EMS agenda."

To learn more about NAEMT affiliation, please visit our Affiliation with NAEMT page.