Advancing the EMS profession

Course Coordinator Responsibilities

Each NAEMT Training Center is asked to identify a course coordinator who is employed or contracted by the training center to organize, prepare, coordinate and conduct NAEMT courses for which he/she is qualified as an approved instructor.  


Course coordinators will:

  • be an experienced EMS instructor;
  • be an approved NAEMT instructor for the respective course. (When new courses are established at approved training centers, the course coordinator must at least be an instructor candidate for the course.);
  • have knowledge and experience in coordinating EMS courses;
  • have knowledge of the process required to assemble and meet all course logistical requirements;
  • have knowledge and clinical experience relevant to all course content;


Course Coordinators will:

  • organize, coordinate, prepare and budget for course materials, facilities, equipment and faculty;
  • supervise all preparations for the course, including set up and break down of classrooms and equipment;
  • ensure that registered students are eligible to attend in compliance with course requirements;
  • ensure current instructor status of all course faculty;
  • provide for the appropriate number of instructors to meet the Instructor to Student Ratios requirements for the course.  
  • ensure that all course materials are presented in an effective fashion;
  • communicate in a clear and courteous manner with a diverse group of course participants and faculty;
  • ensure accurate submission of all pre-course and post-course paperwork and reports, including appropriate documents and payment to NAEMT Headquarters, within thirty (30) days of course completion;
    • all students participating in the course must be included in the course roster.
    • upon completion of the course, each student's record must indicate whether the student passed or failed.
    • all students who fail any portion of the final student assessment must be given the opportunity for remediation for the portion that they originally failed within thirty (30) days following course completion.
    • Course coordinators can update the final grade of a student who has been remediated up to 90-days following course completion.
    • Administrative fees must be paid for all students who take the course, regardless of their final grade.  
  • Issue cards and certificates, generated through NAEMT's online Education Portal, to students within thirty )30) days;;
  • provide on-site course oversight or appoint a qualified lead instructor to provide oversight;
  • recognize problems in the classroom and address them in a timely and appropriate manner;
  • adhere to all NAEMT policies and procedures for administering NAEMT courses;
  • ensure that all students complete a course evaluation form upon completion of the course;
  • advise NAEMT Headquarters in writing of any problems with courses, faculty, and/or any relevant field information, in a timely manner;
  • maintain copies of all relative course paperwork from the course, including course evaluations, for at least five years, and make this paperwork available to NAEMT upon request;
  • advise NAEMT Headquarters of current contact information.
  • Failure to comply with these responsibilities will result in the Training Center not being allowed to conduct courses until all outstanding paperwork and fees are received by NAEMT Headquarters.


Course coordinators are accountable to their training center and NAEMT.

For any questions or additional assistance, contact NAEMT at or by phone at 800-346-2368.