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Prehospital Trauma Committee

The Prehospital Trauma (PHT) Committee is responsible for developing all of NAEMT's prehospital trauma course materials, including PHTLS as well as our tactical care courses. Read about the committee members below:

PHT Committee

  • Joanne Piccininni, EdD, NRP, MICP, Chair

  • Col. (Ret) Warren Dorlac, MD, FACS, USAF, PHTLS Medical Director

  • Andrew Pollak, MD, PHTLS Medical Editor

  • Captain Meg Morgan, MD, FACS, PHTLS Associate Medical Director

  • Alexander L. Eastman, MD, MPH, FACS, FAEMS, Tactical Medical Director

  • Faroukh Mehkri, MD, Assoc. Tactical Medical Director

  • Hawnwan Phil Moy, MD, FACEP, FAEMS, NAEMSP Liaison

  • Frank Butler, MD, Military Medical Advisor

  • Kevin Collopy, MHL, FP-C, NRP, CMTE

  • Dennis Rowe, Paramedic

  • Mark Litwinko

  • Brian Simonson, MBA, NRP, CHEC

  • Tomas Wetterling, MD

  • Jeff White, MS, CHSP, MTSP-C, FP-C