Advancing the EMS profession

Awareness, Education and Training




Ten-Four: Key Habits of Resilience
Shareable resource for first responders.

All Clear Foundation  

Resources for first responders and their loved ones to support overall wellness.

Awareness You Answer the Call When Others Need Help... Make the Call When You Need Help 
Shareable PDF with resources on how to identify trouble spots, learn more about them and when to seek professional help.

Awareness  WHO Preventing Suicide Guide for First Responders 

Suicide prevention guide designed specifically for first responders.

Awareness  Preventing Provider Suicide 

Discusses issue of suicide within the first responder community and prevention efforts.


Earlier Than Too Late: Stopping Stress and Suicide Among Emergency Personnel

Explores suicide and mental health issues within EMS. 
Awareness  Who Takes Care of the Caregivers 

NAEMT News feature article on resources to help EMS practitioners struggling with mental illness

Awareness  Hospital Workers Find Solace in Pausing After a Death 

Kaiser Health News article describes how taking a moment to acknowledge a patient's death helps healthcare workers cope.

Education  Help the Helpers  Lessons Learned and Outcomes to Date from the FirstNet® Health and Wellness Coalition 
Education  Stress Management Exercise  This five-minute video and exercise can help health care practitioners understand stress reactions and learn how taking just a few minutes to check in with oneself and de-stress.
Education Creating a Practical Self-Care Plan in Difficult Times   This short video can help health care providers create self-care plans to minimize stress and boost resilience.
Education  Leading Towards Organizational Wellness in an Emergency   This short video can help healthcare leadership communicate in ways that mitigate stress in their staff.
QPR Institute
Three steps to helping prevent suicide.


Ambulance Victoria Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The AV Mental Health and Well-being Strategy provides a three-year roadmap toward creating a mentally healthy workplace and improving the mental health of its practitioners.

Resource for overcoming substance misuse issues. 

Finding balance: How women first responders manage stressors of work, family and career

Article for first responders on reducing the stress of juggling work, career, family, especially through the pandemic.
Three Secrets about Post-Traumatic Stress
FirstNet provides secrets about post-traumatic stress for first responders.


Resiliency and Wellness Initiative

Resources to assist the EMS community.
Education  Responder Resilience 

Discusses evidence-based resiliency program that improves and sustains responder behavioral health

Education  Code Green Campaign 

A non-profit organization that provides resources and education on EMS mental health.


Supporting the Emotional Wellbeing of First Responders, Emergency Managers and Disaster Relief Personnel

The latest Coronavirus updates, guidelines, Information and resources on how to respond to the emotional well-being of first responders, emergency managers, and disaster relief personnel who support communities impacted by disasters.

Education  Suicide Prevention Resources 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center Website


Supporting Responders to Effectively Deal with Atypically Stressful Events

TIM Network ( report on effects of traumatic event on first responders 
Education  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

AFSP funds research, creates educational programs, advocates for public policy, and supports survivors of suicide loss.

Education  American Association of Suicidology 

AAS advances science and programs in suicide prevention through research, education and training, the development of standards and resources, and survivor support services.

Education  International Association of Suicide Prevention 

IASP is dedicated to suicide prevention and to the alleviation of the effects of suicide.

Education  CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response 

Resources for first responders coping with disaster and traumatic events.

Mental Health National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI offers information on mental illness, and options for help.

Peer Support  IAFF Peer Support Training 

Provides knowledge and skills to provide support to peers, identify behavioral health issues, and refer to community resources or behavioral health treatment centers.

Peer Support
First Responder Peer-to-Peer Chat App  Health and wellness program pre-paid subscription.
Peer Support  The Counseling Team International 

Provides supportive skills to help participants assist with co-workers experiencing life crisis situations. 

Resilience  IAFF Resiliency Training 

This training focuses on building individual and organizational resilience in the fire service to address post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, burnout and suicide continue to plague our ranks. 

Training  International Critical Incident and Stress Foundation (ICISF) 

ICISF provides training for individuals interested in becoming a part of a crisis management team, or for an organization that is dedicated to helping individuals or groups recover from incidents.

Training  Stress First Aid 

Fire Hero Learning Network training on a set of supportive actions designed to help emergency responders assist each other in reducing the negative impacts of stress.

Training  Mental Health First Aid 

An 8-hour course that teaches you how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Practical and Proven Suicide Prevention Training  QPR Institute provides three steps to help prevent suicide.